I thought it then and I think it now: A weak womanwill never make you happy.

I thought it then and I think it now: A weak woman
will never make you happy.

She had seen fear: the terrible helpless fear that rises up out of sadness and despair and is no longer attached to anything - the helpless fear that is tied only to nothingness. Not fear or anxiety or despair about a person or a situation, nothing, nothing, only the exposure, the vulnerability, being cast loose from all certainties, from all dignity, from all love. The man offered it up to her so shamelessly that it felt to Marie like she was seeing him physically naked. No cry out loud, no contortion of his face or hands, he was simply uncovered, he stood in the middle of the room, the focal point and bull’s-eye for all the poisoned arrows being shot at him from beyond life.

Hans Keilson, Comedy in a Minor Key